AIM Blast in iChat Busted: workaround

I just got a new MacBook Pro with iChat 5.0.3, and the AIM Blast chat groups don’t work. I can see the group in my buddy list, but all the options to send a new chat are greyed out.
I found 2 workarounds:
1. once you receive a chat from the group, the group is enabled for the remainder of the session.
2. to initiate a chat without waiting for someone to ping the group, go to File > New Chat and type the group name into the dialog, like “[groupname]” without the quotes. Kind of clunky, but it works.


SSDs and Windows 7

I just ordered a Lenovo T500 and an OCZ Agility Solid State Disk, so I am looking forward to geeking out with my new gear. I have been reading up on SSDs, and here is one of the best articles I have found regarding Windows 7:
also, sets the standard for SSD informational articles:
and this little gem about the generation 2 Intel X25: