Configure Subversion client in IntelliJ 13 & OSX Mavericks

I was having trouble getting SVN to work right with IntelliJ, the IDE kept bitching about my client being out of date.
My working copies were all checked out with svn 1.8 on the command line, and IntellliJ is supposed to be using my command line client, so WTF.
Ends up IntelliJ, by default, looks for svn in /usr/bin.
I used homebrew to install svn 1.8, which is symlinked from /usr/local/bin. Mavericks comes with svn 1.7 preinstalled in /usr/bin, hence the error.
So, in the field for “use command line client” in the project settings, use an absolute path:


Apple’s AirDrop will not work between OSX and iOS? Really?

After wasting 30 minutes of my life trying to send a picture from a 2013 MacBook Air to an iPhone 5, I finally find this:
OS X and iOS use different AirDrop protocols and are currently not interoperable.

I can understand hardware limitations or whatever, but Apple chose to use the same name for this feature on 2 different platforms. This is misleading, and ultimately alienates users.